Performance and Employment

UNC’s educator preparation programs are designed to produce a world-class educator workforce for North Carolina. These data indicators describe the performance and employment of the graduates of UNC’s nationally accredited teacher education and school administration programs.

Teacher Education Program Data

  • Preparation Pathways-This data reflects the percentages of teachers prepared via UNC institutions, Private Institutions, Out of State Institutions, Alternative Entry, and Teach For America, as well as  Visiting International Faculty. Data is available by both county and school.
  • Retention Rates-This data reflects the 3-year and 5-year retention rates for teachers by preparation pathway.
  • Recent Graduate Survey-This indicator displays the results of a survey of recent UNC education graduates about the quality of their teacher preparation program. Data is available by institution.
  • Program Effectiveness Report-These indicators provide data on the performance of North Carolina public school teachers who received their initial preparation at UNC system institutions.

Value-Added Models-This data reflects a teacher’s contribution in a given year by comparing the current test scores of their students to the scores of those same students in previous school years, as well as to the scores of other similar students. This indicator includes value-add measures by institution, grade level, and subject area.

Teacher Evaluation Ratings– This data reflects teacher evaluation rating scores collected via the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES). The NCEES evaluation instruments are based on the Framework for 21st Century Learning and the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. This indicator includes teacher evaluation ratings by institution, grade level, and subject area.

  • SAS® EVAAS™ -The Education Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS) uses test scores from a variety of assessments and follows individual students over time to provide reflective value-added reports to assess the effectiveness of districts, schools and teachers. This indicator includes EVAAS estimates of teacher effectiveness by institution, grade level, and subject area.
  • Employment Distribution-This map reflects the distribution of employed UNC education graduates by county.
  • Job Placement Rates-This indicator displays rates of job placement within 1-year, 2-years, and 3-years of graduation by institution, cohort, and demographic characteristics.

Demographic Data

School Administration Program Data

NC Principal Fellows Program Evaluation-This indicator reflects data from a comprehensive evaluation of the North Carolina Principal Fellows Program (PFP). The PFP provides a competitive, merit-based scholarship loan to individuals of exceptional academic ability who have relevant experience and desire to enter school administration in a North Carolina public school.

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